Who We Are:

The Gaming Corner was originally founded by Coolguy3289 and Vox in hopes to form a perfect and successful gaming community, starting with only a teamspeak server, The Gaming Corner was born. After a few months, We moved to a VPS and Setup our own Teamspeak and basic web page, as well as running a barebones Minecraft server. We ran our server to the max for 2 months until certain circumstances forced Vox to resign and Fr33man Took his place, sharing the same dream Along Side Coolguy. This change forced us to move to a pure dedicated server where the current Gaming Corner is hosted now. At the moment, TGC runs a Minecraft server, Garry's Mod, 2 Unreal Tournament Servers, a teamspeak, and of course, this website. I think that sums up the History of The Gaming Corner, any questions just use the Contact Us Page!

We are a bunch of Top Kek's around here, just ask Tyrone!